Welcome to Professional Sports Catering.

Professional Sports Catering is a full service food and beverage company that focuses exclusively on minor league baseball.

In 1996, when we opened our first ballpark in Lansing, Michigan, we hired one of the “big” food and beverage companies to run our food operation. We weren’t happy from day one. To them, despite attendance of over 500,000, we were small potatoes. We weren’t happy with their communication, their customer service or the quality of their product.

After five years, we took the operation over ourselves. Despite a few growing pains, we were able to increase our food per caps over 30 percent in the first year. Our food was better, our customer service was improved, and our bottom line was fatter.

Several years later (and over $25 million of food later), we have decided to bring what we’ve learned about the minor league food business to other teams.

Professional Sports Catering was launched in 2005 to serve the needs of minor league baseball clubs who don’t want to run their own food business but want someone to do so that shares their core values: taking care of their customers, providing exciting and fresh food and beverage products and making a fair profit.

Our strategies are simple.

  1. We focus only on minor league baseball. We don’t want to be big. Just the best in our business.
  2. We focus on exciting food. Food should be a reason for fans to come to the ballpark, not just something to buy because they are a captive audience.
  3. We focus on maximizing revenue, not just minimizing cost. An excessive focus on minimizing cost leads to cheap food and poor service.
  4. We believe in customer service. Really.
  5. We understand the business of minor league baseball and will communicate with you and your staff to make sure that we become a seamless part of your staff.

Professional Sports Catering would like a chance to talk to you about your food and beverage business. We honestly believe that we can do it better than anyone else. After all, it’s all we do.

2506 N Clark, Suite 163 Chicago, IL 60614
Phone: 847-866-9889